A historic oil

This extra virgin olive oil, produced in northern Italy, in the environs of Lake Garda, bears traces of an illustrious past

Luigi Caricato

A historic oil

The extra virgin in question is called Fondo Brè and is a Garda PDO oil.

The farm where it is made belongs to Marquis Guidalberto of Canossa, whose family has an illustrious past. Do you remember the celebrated Matilda of Tuscany, who was the principal supporter of Pope Gregory VII during the Investiture Controversy, the conflict between Church and the Sacred Roman Empire?

This oil is made in one of the ancestral estates of her noble family.

It is an extra virgin that has the merit of being faithful to a past when the oils of this area were light and delicate, and has not given in to the current fashion trends, dictating that Garda oils have a strong fruitiness. A fine and elegant oil to the palate: soft, it has a vegetable flavour of artichoke and notes of almond.

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