All the variety of Sicilian wines at Enovitis in campo

Guided visit by Professor Lucio Brancadoro to discover the Sicilian Ampelography

Olio Officina

Milan, Italy – To learn more about a selection of the most advanced technologies on display among the vines at Baglio Biesina (Marsala), you can join one of the guided tours scheduled during the two days of Enovitis in campo (5-6 June 2015).

Not only technology, because on 5 June, there will be another important event. Thanks to the technical expertise of Professor Lucio Brancadoro from the University of Milan, visitors will have the opportunity to get a close-up of the rich and varied collection of Sicilian grape varieties.

The ampelographic platform of the island is a significant example of the complexity and richness of the genetic heritage of Italian viticulture. Sicily, in fact, has more than fifty typical regional varieties, from the more well known to the general public to the niche ones appreciated by real connoisseurs and the small ones, still virtually unknown, on which the Region has decided to focus in the coming years in order to diversify production.

At Baglio Biesina, during Enovitis in campo, there will be an important collection of the biodiversity of Sicilian wine. Led by Professor Lucio Brancadoro from the University of Milan, it will be possible to find out about the valuable clones identified from studies on the intra-varietal variability and small local vines recently rediscovered. Vines that, after careful investigation, have been included in the National Register of Varieties, to be subsequently reintroduced into the fields.

The surveys and studies conducted in recent years, aimed at discovering and protecting all productions, even the smallest and oldest, have made it possible to draw up the Sicilian Ampelography. This publication collects all the information on the grape varieties of the island and will be a very important work tool for all operators in the sector and its promotion.

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