Grilled cheese with truffle glaze

Here is one recipe, taken from cookbooks of Acetaia Giuseppe Cremonini. A creation of Chef Stefano Molaschi

Olio Officina

Grilled cheese with truffle glaze

Born in Milan but of Apulian origin, Stefano Molaschi began his career helping out at the family restaurant “La fattoria” in Trento. In 1988 the whole family moved to Modena, where they bought the premises of their restaurant “La Masseria” on an old mill estate dating back to the XVIII century.
Stefano and his wife Luisa prepare each recipe personally, choosing the best ingredients and local staple produce to merge creativity and love of tradition.


Ingredients (serves four)

4 slices of Pugliese bread
4 slices of fresh scamorza and caciocavallo cheese
Olitalia Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Acetaia Giuseppe Cremonini Truffle Glaze


These cheese varieties are ideal for grilling and make for a simple, fast, tasty recipe. Use fresh Scamorza cheese from Apulia and Caciocavallo Podolico, a variety of cheese made from the milk of a special breed of cows only found in the area near Foggia in Apulia.

Toast the bread on a hot griddle or on a charcoal grill. Grill the cheese for 2-3 minutes per side until crisp and golden.

Serve hot, accompanied by dried tomatoes in oil and garnish with a few drops of Truffle glaze for a tasty, fancy touch.

Ideal as an appetizer.

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