Oil will also play the lead at Simei

Dedicated technologies, eight themed workshops, training and updating for the relaunch of a sector which is essential for "Made in Italy"

Olio Officina

Oil will also play the lead at Simei

The next edition of Simei will not only be focused on wine: this exhibition, taking place from 3 to 6 November at Fiera Milano, will also be an unmissable opportunity for updating on the oil field, with technologies, in-depth discussions, presentations, studies and less demanding moments that will concern all aspects of this interesting sector.

This subject has been already addressed in the past editions, but the organizers have decided to give a primary role to this product in 2015. The reason for showing special attention to oil during SIMEI is the consequence of the enormous interest generated by this type of food particularly in the last few years.

In order to create a really remarkable program, rich in ideas and suggestions for the operators of the sector, Unione Italiana Vini, organizer of Simei, has renewed the historical collaboration with the oil expert Luigi Caricato: this year he will work together with Olio Officina, the working group of which he is conceiver and president.

The agenda is full and interesting, as well as the discussed matter, which plays a very important role for “Made in Italy”, considering the level of excellence recognized for our production varieties.
During SIMEI 2015 eight workshops, two a day, will be organized about specific themes.
Debates will focus on packaging innovation, which is very important for maintaining the organoleptic qualities of products, on technological improvement of oil presses, on solutions for preserving and transporting oils, on oil waste management, on aspects regarding the difficult issue of labelling and capping, on the necessary marketing actions for positioning the products at the large-scale retail trade, as well as the hot topic of sensory analysis, already discussed but still relevant and making up the basis for relaunching the whole sector.

There will be informative opportunities, such as the presentation of a new conception of oil bar, in addition to more playful moments, such as the setting-up of an exhibition of pictures/cartoons dedicated to oil technologies.

The year 2014 turned out to be so disastrous as to bring Italian olive growing to its knees and therefore in 2015 the goal is a great recovery. The professionals of the sector should join forces to relaunch the sector by enhancing the excellent quality of the raw material and the amazing potential offered by technology to make the most of them. SIMEI will be the occasion for all the operators to take stock of the situation, highlight critical issues and opportunities and define the guidelines for the future.

SIMEI (International Enological and Bottling Equipment Exhibition) is the world leader tradeshow in wine technology and the only international biennial exhibition which presents, at the same time, machinery, equipment and products for production, bottling and packaging of liquid food and beverages.
For more than 50 years of activity SIMEI has been playing the leading role among the international tradeshows: this unmissable event will take place this year from 3 to 6 November 2015 at Fiera Milano.

The oil market in Italy
Italy has always been known for the excellence of its olive oil which it produces and exports all over the world: 29.7% of the export share is destined for the US market (with 11.2% increase), 10.9% for Germany, 7.9% for France, 6.1% for Japan, 6.8% for Canada, 3.4% for the United Kingdom and 1.7% for China. Istat data (Italian National Institute of Statistics) are showing the region Puglia in first place with 40.07% out of 1,144,422 olive-grown hectares in Italy, amounting to 60.65% of the total production made in Italy.

Despite its excellent quality and the enormous demand for domestic use, as well as for export, Italian olive growing has been experiencing a critical situation for several years, which reached its peak in the last season. Once again figures are proving the facts: in the 2014-2015 campaign, the most difficult ever, only 204,558 tons of oil production were registered, i.e. about the half of the quantity exported by Italian companies in the same period, to which the very relevant amount destined for domestic use is to be added.
To compensate for the shortage, 660,000 tons of oil had to be imported. It is a critical situation which has to be faced by targeted investments in agriculture. It is on this premise that SIMEI 2015 will devote a very relevant part to this market and to the technological innovations that will improve it in the next years.

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