In Simei 2015 a focus will be dedicated for the first time to craft beer

Olio Officina

Workshops and laboratories will have sensory analysis and technological innovation as their subjects, through the account of experiences of famous beer masters and talk shows that will discuss the production problems and the future of the beer market.

The public of operators will be able to take part in an in-depth study programme that will illustrate the state-of the-art of the sector and will help understand more about this fascinating and variegated world. This will occur by means of guided sessions of sensory analysis and tasting at the SIMEI Sensory Bar, which, for the first time, will also host craft beer, besides wine and oil.

Craft beer is a product with a long history, but in Italy it had a faint debut in the years nineties. From that time on the interest in this product has been increasing exponentially: the six pioneer producers have increased to 800 today, practically spread all over Italy. Each of them is bearer of a culture, of raw materials, of a different story, which are found again in the beer mug and which the public has learned to recognize and appreciate. The media nourish curiosity that, in turn, nourishes the market: as a result, today craft beer recorded really significant growth trend in the domestic market and also abroad, in particular in Japan, in the United States, Australia and obviously in the nearer Europe.

Starting from the greatest interest in craft beer shown by Italian economy – it covers around 4% of the reference beverage market, but it has growth margins between 10% and 20% – Unione Italiana Vini, organizer of SIMEI, decided to give it a particular attention in the next edition.

As a support to UIV in the definition of a rich and professional programme for the Beer Focus is Officina Eventi Comunicazione, an agency which created the “Birra Nostra” brand in 2007, with the aim of promoting the Italian craft beer production, by means of theme events, such as the exhibition of craft beers, and of special events related and non-related to the sector.

In more than 50 years of activity, SIMEI has taken the spotlight on the scene of international exhibitions: a unique, unmissable occasion that this year will take place from 3th to 6th November 2015 at Fiera Milano (Rho).

Source: Simei

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