Tips for using flavoured oils

Flavoured and infused extra virgin olive oils are all the rage now, but at the end of the day, do we really know how to use them? How can we get the most out of them, so that our dishes become pure, dazzling pleasure?

Maria Carla Squeo

Tips for using flavoured oils

Taste, as we all know, is a personal matter. However, if you are curious about the wide range of flavoured oils available on the market and would like to experiment with them, you might like to follow some guidelines.

As oil-connoisseur Mr. Luigi Caricato once pointed out, “the quality of these dressings lies in the ingredients used, and how they are selected. An oil of inferior quality will obviously yield an end product of a similar quality. The same is true for its aromatic component, which must be accurately dosed, so as to obtain a flavour of ideal intensity. These aspects cannot be underrated, because flavour is the key parameter used when deciding what to purchase.”

For this reason, we must pay the greatest attention when purchasing these goods. Not all flavoured oils are the same.


Porcini mushroom olive oil: ideal drizzled over fresh egg pasta with sauce.

Chili pepper olive oil: over pizzas and bruschetta.

Rosemary-infused olive oil: excellent on steaks and roasts.

Lemon-flavoured olive oil: ideal for salads, poached or grilled fish.

Sage-flavoured olive oil: with ravioli stuffed with spinach, or pumpkin and ricotta.

Citron-flavoured olive oil: excellent for dressing salt-baked fish.

Juniper-flavoured oil: ideal drizzled over game and red meat in general.

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