The almond note, the harmony and the overall sweet impression

Its name is Selezione Oro (Gold Selection), and bears the signature of Luigi Santagata. Selezione Oro is one of the extra virgin oils produced by a company near Genoa that has been operating in this field since 1907. At the head of the enterprise are siblings Federico and Cristina, the fifth generation of an internationally acclaimed family of oil-makers.

Luigi Caricato

The almond note, the harmony and the overall sweet impression

The olives employed are a blend of different varieties. The oil is unclouded, of a clear yellow colour with greenish hues. In attack, the nose offers a fruitiness of medium intensity, with clear vegetable notes redolent of artichoke and almond. Indeed, the hint of almond can be considered the hallmark of this oil, whose aroma, flavour and retro-nasal impressions all share this common trait.

The palate offers a pleasant impression of softness and roundness, thanks to the lush fluidity of the oil and its extreme finesse. One feature that cannot fail to impress the consumer is the constant, agreeable sweetness of this oil. The almond note is always present, followed by artichoke and green grass, and an appealing hint of bitterness and pungency that makes the oil ideal both for cooking and dressing.

The finish offers almond and green grass, and a delicate touch of pungency.

Recommended pairing. Its light to medium fruitiness makes it an extremely versatile oil, best paired with dishes such as shellfish salads, pumpkin risotto, rabbit chasseur, lemon grilled chicken breast and foil-baked sea bass; also recommended for preparing mayonnaise or frying anything that has a delicate flavour. Given its features, and very discreet pungency, it is also ideal for pappardelle with rocket pesto, chicken and apple curry, rolled turkey breasts, honey-drizzled salmon and courgette kebab, fried courgette flowers, stewed trout or fried fish in general.

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