Energy. Oil in motion

The organizational machinery in charge of the sixth Olio Officina Festival is already at work. Next year’s event will be held in Milan, Italy, from February 2 to 4, 2017. The keyword this time is energy, intended as power, vigour, an agent of change. In a way this is the opposite of what oil is usually considered, i.e. a soothing element, something to pour over troubled waters.

Olio Officina

Energy. Oil in motion

After registering another great success, we are now ready for the sixth festival, the theme of which will be ENERGY. OIL IN MOTION.

Energy is a word evoking physical power, vigour and puissance. The word derives from the Latin energīa, which in turn comes from the Greek ἐνέργεια, combining the words energhḗs, i.e. ‘active, effective’, and érgon, i.e. ‘at work’.

Energy is always associated with motion. Energy is will-power, but also the desire to change. Energy is being firm, trenchant, resilient.

Oil is energy, because it is a great nutrient, boosting our energy levels, and this can translate into physical prowess, strength and efficiency. Olive oil plays a key role in the diet of sportsmen and women, and is considered by nutritionists as a nutraceutical, functional food.

Calorie-rich oil is food for both body and mind, promoting physical vigour and psychophysical fitness. This is why it is also such a precious element in child nutrition. It is the fuel that leads us to a state of well-being. It is also a powerful propellant in the diet of the elderly, because it increases their appetite and makes food more palatable.

Energy, in brief, power and vigour, the impulse to act in a firm and trenchant manner, and shake up a sector that is just too static. Energy to exploit the potential of oil, not only as a source of nourishment. Oil is what in the past fuelled lights and produced energy.

All we can do now is await further news, and the programme of next year’s festival. The dates are February 2, 3 and 4, 2017. The town: Milan, Italy. The venue: Palazzo delle Stelline.

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