An exciting oil from Coratina olives

Not all extra virgin oils made from Coratina olives can be placed at the same level. Corona delle Puglie, made by Covan, an olive mill in Andria producing Terra di Bari – Castel del Monte PDO oils, is the proof that single-varietal oils obtained from the most renowned and popular olive cultivar grown in Italy can be strikingly different and original. Here are three oils with different degrees of fruitiness

Maria Carla Squeo

An exciting oil from Coratina olives

Not one, but three oils made from Coratina olives alone, each of which displays a particular facet of this cultivar. This is the “Fruttati” line of olive oils with different degrees of fruitiness.
In this article, I will be describing their light fruity oil. This single varietal Coratina extra virgin has been granted Terra di Bari – Castel del Monte PDO status, like all the Corona delle Puglie oils produced by Covan, and as mentioned previously, belongs to their Fruttati (i.e. fruity) line, consisting of a light, a medium and an intensely fruity oil.


An unclouded, dark golden oil with greenish hues. The nose is fresh and clean, revealing on attack a pleasant scent of green olives, with hints of cardoon and meadow grasses. The aroma is clear, albeit more delicate than that of the other two products of the Fruttati line, and for this reason has been classified as a lightly fruity oil. Light fruitiness is not usually associated with Coratina, and the ability to make it showcases all the skill and expertise of its producers.

This oil is soft on the palate: although endowed with body and structure, it is not at all invasive, but rather,soft and gentle, perfectly balanced and harmonious. There are some hints of bitterness and pungency, but more restrained than in the other Corone delle Puglie oils. Like these however, it has a distinctive vegetable flavour, reminiscent of artichoke. The finish reveals a pleasant retro-nasal hint of pungency, and an extremely elegant note of almond.

Even though its level of fruitiness is quite delicate, like all single varietal Coratina oils it contains a significant amount of antioxidants. These compounds, as well as being responsible for the delightful scent and aroma of this oil, also help prevent it from oxidizing, hence extending its shelf life.

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