Summer, time for salads

Choosing the best dressing requires a good knowledge of oils. The correct combination always requires a bit of study and application

Luigi Caricato

Summer, time for salads

The exact dose, enough to dress a salad, is about one teaspoon, the equivalent of 13 ml. With such an amount of oil, you can enjoy a light and frugal meal, without lack of taste and fragrance. It is important, however, to use the right high-quality oil: few fats, but the good ones.

Some hypotheses are proposed pairing. It ‘important to choose in relation to the intensity of the fruity notes of the oils.

Light fruity extra virgin olive oil. Delicate and soft, these oils are ideal for delicate raw materials, ranging from lettuce to leeks, more delicate and sweet than onions. These oils are also suitable for the hearts of lettuce, as well as with all salads made with raw meat or fish.

Medium fruity extra virgin olive oil. Since the taste of these oils is round and balanced, and they are generally quite savory, they are suited for salads containing ingredients of medium body, such as vegetables with a strong taste, rich in water or with thick sheets. This is the case of onions, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, fennel, radicchio, radishes and rocket. These oils are also perfect for seafood salads.

Strong fruity extra virgin olive oil. Being distinctly bitter, spicy and astringent oils, they fit with salads whose ingredients are quite tasty and with a good structure and texture. It ‘s the case of cauliflower, legumes, potatoes, artichokes, chicory and celery.

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