Naturally richer in polyphenols

Cibus, the most important fair in the food and drink sector in Italy, was the occasion to present a new jewel in the crown for the Olitalia Group: the new “30” extra-virgin olive oil

Olio Officina

Naturally richer in polyphenols

Olitalia’s new “30” extra-virgin olive oil, which is naturally rich in polyphenols, is the fruit of 3 years of intense research and analysis. It was presented among the innovative products at the Cibus event in Parma (a city in the Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy).

The name recalls the principal characteristics of this product, or moreover the content of polyphenols (natural antioxidants) of at least 30% superior compared to the average content of extra-virgin olive oils sold on the market.

Obtained by accurately selecting the varieties of olives with a suitable content of natural polyphenols and with a production at controlled temperature in Italy and Spain, “30” is certified Halal and Kosher and has BUREAU VERITAS product certification (N. 63/003) to guarantee the minimum content of antioxidants (biophenols and tocopherols). It is also protected by an Italian patent.

The great presence of polyphenols gives the oil a rich and bitter flavour, influencing its organoleptic characteristics. A highly innovative oil of great character, born from Olitalia’s interest in the research of natural and high quality products. A new jewel in the crown in the wide range of Olitalia branded products.

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