Just call it Vù

This is the name, youthful and jaunty, that Frantoiani del Vùlture has given to its Vùlture PDO extra virgin olive oil. A special gourmet edition of this oil is also available. Its birthplace is on a group of hills of volcanic origin found in Basilicata, a small region in southern Italy

Luigi Caricato

Just call it Vù

It is always a pleasure to describe a new oil, because by doing so I can satisfy the legitimate curiosity of the public regarding the product. In this case in particular, expectations were even higher, since Frantoiani del Vùlture, who produce and market this PDO extra virgin olive oil, have lent great weight to the bottle’s aesthetics, and created an exciting new packaging design.

Let us start from its composition: Vù Special Gourmet Edition – and what a great name that is, so unusual and appealing – is made from 60% Ogliarola del Vùlture olives, whereas the remaining 40% consists of Coratina, Cima di Melfi, Palmarola, Provenzale, Leccino, Frantoio, Cannellino, Rotondella and Nocellara olives, and the lesser known Laudolia variety.

Taste test

i had the pleasure of tasting this oil during a public panel test held in Milan a few weeks ago, in the presence of an interested and appreciative audience, and these are my notes. Appearance: the oil is unclouded, golden yellow, with greenish hues; the nose is fresh, not too overpowering, with herbal hints; the oil on the palate is pleasantly soft and velvety, and possesses a harmonious balance of bitterness and pungency; the oil has a distinctive vegetable flavour, reminiscent of artichoke and almond. Retro-nasal sensations include almond, and a slightly more pungent note.


An extremely versatile oil, it is perfect both as a dressing and for cooking. It does not cover the flavour of the other ingredients, and has a good dressing capacity: only a few drops are required to make any dish more palatable and flavoursome. Perfect for vegetarian appetizers, both raw and cooked, but also drizzled over meat- or fish-based hors d’oeuvre. It is also delightful on oven-baked dishes, bread and focaccia, or even soups and minestrones made with vegetables and beans.

The Vù Special Gourmet Edition is perfect on pasta, risotto and shellfish dishes, although in this latter case it should be used very sparingly. It is ideal for all fish dishes, irrespective of species and cooking method: in fact, the aromas of lake, sea and river fish are all accentuated by the oil’s soft, rich roundness and its fine, elegant, never overwhelming flavour.

The latter feature of this oil makes it an excellent choice for meat-based dishes, because its addition will not alter the balance of flavours; wonderful with game, pheasant, quail, deer and hare in particular. Superlative on cheese and other dairy products, as well as cultivated vegetables and edible wild plants.

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