Recipe by chef Giuseppe Capano

Awaiting autumn: chestnut tarts with olive oil and vin santo with apple cream scented with orange oil. A recipe given to us by Garda Dop Extra Virgin Olive oil Producers Association

Olio Officina

Recipe by chef Giuseppe Capano


12 Brentonico chestnuts
25 g shelled hazelnuts
125 g white flour
25 g chestnut flour
4 g yeast for cakes
25 g of sugar
1 egg
2 icing sugar portions
2 Golden Delicious apples
7-8 juniper berries
1 orange
50 g white chocolate
1 Dro dry plumb
Vino Santo Trentino Doc
extra virgin Garda Dop olive oil


Clean the chestnuts, with a knife cut them slightly without cutting too much the pulp inside, put them in the freezer for 30 minutes, transfer them in plenty of boiling water cook them for about 25 minutes.

Blend or grind finely the hazelnuts, place the two flours after sifting together with the yeast like a fountain on a pastry board, add the sugar, the blended hazelnuts, the egg, 2-3 spoonfuls of olive oil and a pinch of salt.

Mix well and pour only enough vin santo to obtain smooth homogeneous mix, to be covered and left to rest for about 30 minutes. Peel the apples, slice them and cook them with the icing sugar and the juniper berries for ten minutes, wash the orange, dry it and grate 1 teaspoonful of the peel, mix it with 2 spoonfuls of olive oil, blend the cooked apples without the juniper and season with the orange oil.

Separate the mixture in 4 balls, lay out and cover bottom and edges of 4 tart shapes of about 10-12 cm slightly greased and with flour; pierce the bottom with a fork, fill the inside with the apple cream and cook in pre-heated oven at 180 °C for approx. 20 minutes and leave to cool. Put together a few cooked chestnuts at a time, peel them eliminating carefully the inner peel, place them on a plate, cover them with the white chocolate melet “bain-marie” and decorate on top with a small black square obtained from the pulp of the plumb, lee the chocolate harden in the fridge for 15 minutes.

Remove the tarts from the cooking support and put on plates. Place on each of them 3 chocolate chestnuts, decorate with the pulp of the rest of the peeled orange and cut in small triangles, serve the dessert straight away with a good chestnut ice-cream.

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