World Olive Day 2016

The International Olive Council will celebrate World Olive Day to raise awareness of the importance of the relationship between olive growing and the environment, showing the benefits of its products for health and raising awareness of the role of the IOC as the organisation solely responsible for administering the International Agreement on Olive Oil and Table Olives

Olio Officina

World Olive Day 2016

The event will have three components:

1. The WOD Declaration

2. Organisation of an event during the week of the ordinary session of the Council of Members, 21-25 November 2016 at the IOC headquarters, Madrid (Spain)

3. Celebration of World Olive Day by member countries and institutions related to the sector.

To this end, the IOC will award grants to finance programmes to celebrate World Olive Day 2016 in the IOC member countries.

The objective of these grants is to provide financial support for initiatives to celebrate World Olive Day, as a joint action by all IOC member countries. Further information regarding the criteria for the award of these grants can be found on this link.

After the World Olive Day celebration, the IOC will publish the resources (videos, conference materials and studies) put forward by the countries on its website and social media channels.

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