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It all starts here

The new oil has arrived, as we can see from the many photos posted on the internet. Most producers show pictures of the oil flowing out of the separator. However, the key stage of oil production is when it is extracted from the malaxing unit, for this is when its bouquet of scents and flavours originates

Lorenzo Cerretani

It all starts here

From the clamour on the social networks, it is obvious that the olive harvesting season has already started.

Many are the pictures posted on the internet depicting a thick flow of extra virgin olive oil pouring out of a vertical centrifuge and we cannot deny the fascinating beauty of such an image. Likewise, among the variety of pictures illustrating the process of olive oil production, none other is more effective or self-explanatory, in terms of showing that new oil has arrived.

In my opinion however, the most beautiful picture is that at the top of this page. The oil droplets are coalescing inside the malaxing unit after the olives have been crushed, and this is the heart of the extraction process.

It is during this stage that the bouquet of scents characterizing extra virgin oil originates, and the phenol compounds responsible for the flavours start to develop.

Enzymes are responsible for all these processes.

So, hail the new oil!

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