The 2017 Forme dell’Olio contest

Everything is ready for the fourth edition of the contest devoted to the packaging and labelling of olive oil. There is a great novelty this year: it is now possible to enter labels only, which will be judged separately in a distinct category. Quality, as we all know, lies not only in the content, but also in the container: its importance should be better acknowledged, and more attention should be paid to its aesthetics and functionality

Olio Officina

The 2017 Forme dell’Olio contest

As we all know, when selling a product, a firm offers form, not only content. Beauty is just as important as goodness. Only when both factors are properly enhanced, does the company succeed in marketing a product of faultless quality from all points of view, functionality included. Package and vessel should always be well designed, easy to use and appealing, because the buyer wants to purchase a bottle that is both elegant and practical.
Ideally, all products launched on the market should be of flawless quality, and presented in a captivating package.

The label too is particularly important, because it is a key element in the decision-making process of purchasing: not only should it highlight the promotional benefits of the product, but its design should also prompt the consumer’s impulse to buy.
It is for these reasons that Olio Officina is organizing the fourth edition of its “Le forme dell’olio” contest.

Check the Rules and regulation HERE, and the application form HERE. If you wish to enter the contest, please send your request to
The contest was created with the specific aim of encouraging olive oil producers to make greater investments in their packaging strategy.

In the previous three editions, we realized that unlike other businesses operating in the food sector, they do not seem to appreciate its importance. In order to promote a change of course, and give greater visibility to those companies that believe and invest in packaging strategy, we have decided to introduce a new category, i.e. the label. Labels are the focus of most packaging strategies, because of their lower cost: bottles and oil vessels in general require greater investments, and not all companies can afford to make them.

In brief, packaging is of paramount importance, and the appearance and functionality of the container should never be neglected. Likewise labels, because they are the first thing a potential buyer examines when deciding what to purchase.

In order to promote a new culture of packaging and labelling, from now on our magazine will be giving more space to all the latest news and trends in this field. Perhaps this will convince the companies to invest more money in this type of marketing strategy. Not only would the entire sector benefit from it, but also olive oil consumers and professionals working in the hotel and catering industry.

Since contests devoted to oil quality have contributed extensively to improving the companies’ performances, it is to be hoped that Le Forme dell’Olio, aimed at the aesthetics of the product, will have a similar outcome.

The rules and regulations of the contest are more or less the same as last year, except for the integration regarding labels.

The deadline for entering the contest is December 22, 2016.

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