2017 OOF, subscriptions are open

An idea for a Christmas present. There is time until December 24th to purchase the tickets for the sixth Olio Officina Festival at a discounted rate. The festival will be held in Milan from February 2 to 4, 2017

Olio Officina

2017 OOF, subscriptions are open

And what has the Olio Officina Festival got in store for us? You will soon have all the details. In Alghero, on November 26, we will be presenting the 2017 programme at our Olio Officina Anteprima.

As all our readers already know, the theme of the festival is Energy. Oil in motion.
Our readers haven’t long to wait for the official programme, but meanwhile, given that Christmas is approaching, we would like to inform you that the tickets are available at a discounted rate until December 24. Info and purchasing details are available HERE.
For all those who are unfamiliar with this event, here is a summary of what the Olio Officina Festival has to offer.

Meeting area: conferences, speeches and conversations with nutritionists, oil specialists, chefs, doctors, biochemists, philosophers, authors, anthropologists, economists, architects, historians, landscapers, artists and other professionals whose area of expertise brings them in contact with olive oil and other condiments.

Tasting school: guided tasting sessions of oils and vinegars, served, when appropriate, with finger food.

Tasting area: showcasing and serving a collection of olive oils from every region of Italy and the 2017 guest country.

Show cooking: cooking demonstrations to understand and taste various pairing options,

“Pagine di gusto”: presentation of books focusing on food, landscape and agriculture, with meetings and conversations with the authors.

Literary café: poetry readings by the authors.

Bookshop: offering a selection of the most recent or difficult to find books on the topic of olive oil.

Holistic area: yoga lessons.

Children’s corner: entertainment for children, including fun oil-tasting sessions.

Show area: live music and theatrical performances to nourish the mind.

Exhibition areas: a number of exhibitions in the cloisters of Palazzo delle Stelline.

Shopping area: olive oils, olive oil-based creams and a variety of gadgets.

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