Planet Olive

A journey among olive trees

In a photo gallery portraying olive trees, the landscape becomes an element of unmistakable beauty. Giorgio Sorcinelli has immortalized some very distinctive elements of olive trees, highlighting not only their magnificence, rusticity and adaptability to different territories, but also their surroundings

Lorenzo Cerretani

A journey among olive trees

This is the evocative gallery of pictures that Giorgio Sorcinelly took on his journeys, inspired as always by the tree he most dearly loves.

The pictures were taken both in Italy – in the countryside of Fano, Pesaro, Montegridolfo, near Rimini, Cartoceto, a small town in the environs of Pesaro, as well as in Gargano, Salento and Assisi, in Umbria – and abroad, and more precisely near Zadar and Split in Croatia, on the other side of the Adriatic sea.

Finally a snow-capped landscape, with the olive tree of San Giorgio di Pesaro shrouded in a white cloak of snow.

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