The olive oil expert and grafting

Poste Italiane will once again be one of the leading protagonists of the Olio Officina Festival, now at its sixth edition. The Italian Post Office is presenting two stamp cancels, depicting respectively an oleologist or oil specialist and an example of grafting, an agricultural technique that promises success against the perilous bacterium Xylella fastidiosa

Olio Officina

The olive oil expert and grafting

On Friday 3 and Saturday 4 of February, at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan, stamp collectors can have their mail cancelled with two special postal markings devoted to the Olio Officina Festival.

For the third consecutive year, the creator, organizer and director of this event, Mr. Luigi Caricato, has chosen to celebrate his festival with an exclusive service offered by the Italian postal service philatelic bureau, i.e. Poste Italiane Filatelia.

The two stamp cancels, round in shape, were designed by illustrator Valerio Marini: one depicts an olive branch, the oil flowing out of a centrifugal separator and the official oil tasting glass, whereas the other depicts the grafting technique to which so much hope is pinned for successfully eradicating Xylella, a serious bacterial disease afflicting our olive trees.

Special postcards have been printed for this occasion, which when stamped and cancelled will become collection items for the philatelic fraternity.
In this respect we would like to underline the great care in the selection of the postage stamps: the range chosen is one depicting the best products from our country. The stamps include one released this year to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the foundation of the renowned pasta manufacturing company De Cecco, and one issued in 2008, devoted to spaghetti amatriciana. We chose the latter stamp as a tribute to Amatrice, the town that was razed to the ground by the horrifying earthquake that recently hit our country.

The latest stamps issued by Poste Italiane will also be available, as well as folders, presentation packs, postcards, books, stockbooks, stamp albums and various other philatelic accessories.

In the 60 days following the event, the stamp cancels will be deposited at the Philatelic Bureau of the Post Office in Milan, at the Palazzo della Regione, to satisfy the requests of those unable to attend the festival. The die hub will then be brought to the Museo storico della comunicazione (the Historical Museum of Communication) in Rome.

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