Olive oil, tender for selection promotion agencies USA and Japan

CEQ Italia is in charge of coordinating a promotional campaign for extra virgin olive oil in the USA and Japan, which was recently approved and funded by the European Union, under Reg. UE 1144/2014, Reg. UE 2015/1829 and Reg. UE 2015/1831

Olio Officina

Olive oil, tender for selection promotion agencies USA and Japan

The promotion campaign will be implemented over the next three years by QvExtra! and CEQ Italia which are, respectively, a Spanish and an Italian olive oil producers’ association.

The promotional campaign aims to foster market penetration of European Extra Virgin olive oils in both target countries.

CEQ Italia has just published a call for tenders to select an agency to carry out the activities.

It is possible to download it by the web site : HERE or the link: HERE

The agencies that would like to participate to the call, should send to Ceq Italia a proposal consisting of a well-structured, coherent marketing campaign including communication and training activities tailored to one or each of the countries indicated.

The proposals should be sent to Ceq Italia no later than 05/15/2017, 05:00 pm (CET)

Microsoft Word – Annex I – USA

Microsoft Word – Annex II -JAPAN

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