My name is Italo

An extra virgin olive oil from Abruzzo, made from blending oils of five olive cultivars, including the widely acclaimed Dritta. A soft oil, full of fruity attributes that give it body and personality. Versatile, with a great quality-price ratio and excellent dressing efficiency, it bears the signature of Fattoria del Torquato

Luigi Caricato

My name is Italo

A family that has only one mission in life: cultivating olive trees. And their dream has a name: Italo. Italo is produced in Abruzzo, in a family-run enterprise. Indeed, the family has been cultivating olive trees for four generations, and continues to do so.

From the company’s website we discover that, with Law Decree no. 2694 dated September 27, 1996, “The Abruzzo region, acknowledging the skill and expertise of the producer and the outstanding quality and genuineness of the product, awards the coveted Abruzzo Qualità brand of distinction to Fattoria del Torquato.”

The name of the enterprise comes from the town where the farm is located. Torquato, in the environs of Sant’Omero, lies on the hills near Teramo and overlooks the Adriatic Sea.

The name of the oil comes from Italo Giancola, who together with Filippo gave new impulse to the farm, introducing a more rational and modern approach to olive tree cultivation.

The oil produced by Fattoria del Torquato is characterised by its great versatility: because it is not overly fruity, it can be paired with many ingredients and dishes.

The olives used to make it are of five different varieties, i.e. Frantoio, Dritta, Leccino, Moraiolo and Carboncella, all of which are cultivated in Sant’Omero.


An unclouded green oil with golden hues.
On the nose, it reveals fresh hints of unripe, green olives, artichoke and cardoon, as well as a clear, pleasant touch of grass.
The first impact on the palate is sweet, soft and velvety, with a vegetable flavour of artichoke and almond. The delightful balance of bitter and pungent notes progresses harmoniously, and never becomes unpleasant.
Towards the end, there is a slight pungency and a return of green almond and meadow grass.

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