The world’s olive oil consumption remains stable despite 2017´s small harvest

Good news for the professionals who will attend the next World Olive Oil Exhibition (WOOE) in Madrid

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The world’s olive oil consumption remains stable despite 2017´s small harvest

World olive oil consumption expected for the 2016/17 season will once again be around three million tonnes, according to data from the International Olive Council (IOC), which has assured that this figure strengthens a trend that began ten years ago. The rise in consumption will be higher than the production (increasing by 13%); and the olive oil sector expects that 2017/18 season will be more abundant compared to the previous one, whereby almost every major producer experienced a downturn in their harvests , due to adverse weather conditions.

The World Olive Oil Exhibition, which will be held in Madrid’s IFEMA on the 21st and 22nd of March 2018, presents itself as the best opportunity to stimulate a global and increasingly interesting market. The WOOE enables participating companies to be more competitive as a result of the large presence of international operators. Our focus on the olive oil from emerging countries is also a great opportunity for the packaging sector to position itself in those countries through an international event as relevant as this trade fair.

According to data from the study carried out by the Spanish consultant Juan Vilar and the Uruguayan Dr. Jorge Enrique Pereira for Caja Rural of Jaen, Italy remains stable as the first consumer in terms of volume with 610,000 tonnes, ahead of Spain with 528,000 tonnes, the United States with 285,000 tonnes, Greece with 186,000 tonnes, Syria with 141,000 tonnes, Turkey with 132,000 tonnes; Morocco with 114,000 tonnes and France with 109,000 tonnes.

In addition to Portugal with 78,000 tonnes, other important global consuming countries are: Brazil with 66,000 tonnes, United Kingdom with 61,000 tonnes, Algeria with 53,000 tonnes, Germany with 52,500 tonnes, Australia with 40,000 tonnes, Canada with 39,000 tonnes and Tunisia with 34,000 tonnes.

The conclusion of production figures, forecast by the study of professors Vilar and Pereira, position such figures at very close to 2.7 million tonnes, with 1.28 million tonnes in Spain, 220,000 tonnes in Turkey, 183.000 tonnes in Italy, 180,000 tonnes in Greece, 150,000 tonnes in Syria and 100,000 tonnes in Morocco and Tunisia.


With a very large attendance of international operators during the last fair, the WOOE provides a unique occasion for producers and olive oil professionals. Within a single space and during just two days, this trade fair provides an opportunity to open up new markets and complete some of the most important transactions of the year for numerous oil mills, cooperatives and companies of the sector.

Perceived as a fundamental pillar of the sector, the WOOE will once again become the main forum for debate and analysis for the sector, with a vast program of conferences, tasting sessions and masterclasses that are even better than the previous ones.

Approximately 200 olive oil companies reunited during the last WOOE with the industry’s purchasers, distributors and businessmen of more than 30 different nationalities (among them: Dubai, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Italy or USA). These figures are expected to exceed during the following World Olive Oil Exhibition, the sole monographic olive oil meeting which exists at the moment.

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