New ways to communicate

For years, extra virgin olive oil bottles have been austere, but they have slowly and progressively changed, so much that they have reached the segment of luxury, as high fashion has done

Maria Carla Squeo

New ways to communicate

Aurum, luxury is served. Clear examples of this are the bottles designed by the well-known Gabrielloni sisters, from Recanati: Aurum, including a ring, and Aurum Mignola, wrapped in a leaf. In the first case, a hand-forged 925 silver gold-electroplated collar of olive leaves embraces the bottle neck. Gold plating is also used for the brand Aurum.

There is much more, though: black onyx stones are embedded in the collar, representing olives. Nothing is wasted: once detached from the bottle neck, the collar becomes an original ring, which can be easily adapted to any fingers, as it is adjustable. Gabriella and Elisabetta Gabrielloni have carefully studied the package in every detail: bottles are numbered in tags also containing the relevant label. An eye-catching detail is the screen printing of the name Gabrielloni, under the brand Aurum and the extra virgin olive oil specification.

Bottles can be customized on request with the screen printing of customers’ name. Bottles come in a fabric box. They contain the well-known “Laudato” blend of oils obtained from Frantoio and Leccino, as well as Coroncina, Orbetana, Piantone di Mogliano, Hard and Tender Ascolana and other varieties of olives.

The same thorough work has been done for “Aurum Mignola” bottles. In this case, however, it is an authentic Mignola olive leaf that embraces the bottle neck. Each leaf is dehydrated and gold-electroplated. Swaroski crystal is also added on the edge. The leaf is tied to Alcantara rope, which in turn becomes a pendant. The bottle and the relevant details are the same as the first one’s. However, oil is different, coming from a cultivar of the Marche region. In both cases, bottles contain 100 ml of extra virgin olive oil. What about the final prices of the two bottles? They are 70 and 56 Euros respectively.

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