Workshop SISSG, 1991-2017: 25 years of Panel test state of the art and possible interactions with different fields of scientific research

Sanremo, Italy, September 28-29, 2017. Scientific program

Olio Officina

Workshop SISSG, 1991-2017: 25 years of Panel test state of the art and possible interactions with different fields of scientific research

Sanremo, September 28-29, 2017

Scientific program

Thursday 28 September 2017


Delegates registration


Welcome addresses by Authorities


Andrea Giomo

IOOC Consultant

Panel test: Origin, evolution, and recent trends within International Olive Council


Juan Ramon Izquiredo

Departamento de Análisis de Aceites y Grasas Laboratorio Arbitral Agroalimentario, Madrid

Panel test: what is and what it means. how it’s applied in Spain


Coffee Break


Paolo Brogi

Castel Del Chianti – Firenze

Panel test: a valorization tool


Anna Cane, Marzia Migliorini

Carapelli Firenze SpA

The importance of sensory analysis in quality control within an olive oil company: practical aspects and early instrumental analysis experiences


End of first day’s works

Friday 29 Settembre 2017


Lanfranco Conte & Erica Moret

Università di Udine – DI4A

Looking for a mathematical model suitable to describe defects: peak deconvolution and chemometric.


Sonia Esposto & Maurizio Servili

Università di Perugia

The virgin olive oil aroma: effect of agronomical and technological factors


Stefania Vichi

Universitat de Barcelona

Impact aroma compounds in virgin olive oil: toward a definition of chemical markers of sensory characteristics


Coffee Break


Diego Garcia Gonzales

Instituto de la Grasa CSIC-Sevilla

Integrating knowledge from flavor chemistry and sensory assessment: towards the chemical definition of attributes


Martina Fortini, Chiara Cherubini

Analytical Group, Lorenzo Cecchi – Firenze

SPME-GC-MS: Advantages of an internal multistandard method for quantification of VOCs in olive oils


Angelo Faberi


Luciana di Giacinto

CREA Città S. A

Relationship between Ethylesters and Panel T est: a suitable tool for quality control of extravirgin olive oil


Light lunch break


Tullia Gallina Toschi, Alessandra Bendini

Università di Bologna

Diego Garcia Gonzales

Instituto de la Grasa y Derivados Sevilla

The co operative research of the Horizon 2020 OLEUM Project towards the definition of the Quantitative Panel test


Lucio Carli

Chair person of ONAOO Imperia

Perspective and organization of sensory analysis of olive oils as highlighted by recent acquisition.


Closing remarks and farewell addresses

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Photo by Olio Officina

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