Wine, Istituto grandi marchi: corporate event in Zurich

In Switzerland on 25 September, IGM's most important event of the year will be held. More than 600 people expected, including journalists, professionals and wine lovers

Olio Officina

Zurich is the city chosen by the Istituto del Vino Italiano di Qualità – Grandi Marchi for its annual corporate event. The gathering, which will take place on Monday 25 September at the Park Hyatt, is organised in collaboration with the renowned trade magazine Vinum and will be a day dedicated to the jewels in the crown of Made in Italy wine. The programme is broken down into three main occasions: a Masterclass guided by Christian Eder, an expert journalist and for many years the Swiss publication’s correspondent in Italy, two tastings – one reserved to the media and trade professionals, the other for wine lovers and, finally, a dinner with exclusive combinations. A very busy day and a unique opportunity to discover or deepen knowledge of the quality wine production of our country and engage directly with the producers who will all attend the event.

“It is the first time that IGM has organised an event in Switzerland and the anticipation is tangible. For quality Italian wine, Switzerland has always been a strategic market due to its knowledgeable, evolved consumers, ready to hear the messages that the companies of IGM express and disseminate,” said Piero Mastroberardino, the Institute’s chairman. “For our companies, Switzerland is a destination of primary importance, the fifth country after the USA, Germany, UK and Canada. The aim of the mission is to protect the prestigious positioning of the Italian product and capitalise on the regional diversity by targeting a wide public: not only professionals, but also enthusiasts.”

For Italy, the Swiss market has seen constant growth in recent years with a value of more than 550,000 euros, according to the most recent Wine Monitor data. Furthermore, Italy is in first place for imports in Switzerland with 36.5%, followed by France (with 31.1%).

Italy’s position in Switzerland is therefore well-established but the competition remains fierce so, according to the Institute’s chairman, it is wise to maintain a strong link through targeted actions and specific information and disclosure programmes.

The Istituto del Vino di Qualità – Grandi Marchi was founded in 2004 by a group of the Belpaese’s historic producers: they wanted to form a group of wine production companies, very similar in their internal characteristics, history and tradition, with the common purpose of promoting viticulture and quality wine, disseminating and sustaining Italy’s oenological culture, especially abroad.

The 19 companies united behind the project represent the excellence of the regional wine production of our country, which, with its 642,000 hectares of vineyards, its incredible variety of

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