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Robot olive mill

Pressing olives, pressing ideas. The new issue of OOF International Magazine exclusively deals with the universe of olive oil mills and millers. Only for you, here is a preview of the table of contents including all articles

Olio Officina

Robot olive mill

This is a preview for our readers of the second, autumn issue, of OOF International Magazine, a quarterly magazine printed in both English and Italian. The cover catchphrase reads “Pressing olives, pressing ideas”. Focus is on olive mills and millers. Have you subscribed yet?


John our Patron Saint

Editorial: the future is among us, by Luigi Caricato

The word olive oil mill in all languages of the world

Olive oil mills operating in the world

Frantoio / oleificio (olive oil mill), by Daniela Marcheschi

From trappeti ipogei a sangue to modern olive mills, by Antonio Monte

Imagining the future of olive mills, by Mauro Olivieri

Interview with Domenico Fazio the olive mill in the olive grove, by Luigi Caricato

X-ray of the virtuous miller

The future of olive mills is a technological one and favours the bold, by di Giacomo Costagli

No. of mills in Italy

No. of mills in Spain

The new course of oil-producing Spain, by José María Penco

Olive production explained to my daughters, by Lorenzo Cerretani

Interview with Valentina Cardone all the secrets of oil, by Luigi Caricato

Achilles’ heel, by Lorenzo Cerretani

Olive oil labels: checked, print it!, by Luigi Caricato

Labels for olive oil, by Giorgia Antonia Leone e and Antonella Carbone

The genesis of oil, by Lorenzo Cerretani

The mill is Fico, by Maria Carla Squeo

The mill and the sea, maritime lexicon, by Maria Carla Squeo

Mills are agoras, by Maria Carla Squeo

Mills of Italy, by Maria Carla Squeo

Christmas at the mill, by Maria Carla Squeo

Mills of Spain, by Maria Carla Squeo

Zuppa frantoiana, by Giuseppe Capano

Artists for oil: Doriano Strologo

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