Carapelli, the new Renaissance

Non Filtrato, Il Nobile, Oro Verde, Bio: tradition and innovation for an extra virgin olive oil project. Quality, mastery, and beauty

Olio Officina

Carapelli, the new Renaissance

Carapelli’s most prestigious labels, Non Filtrato (Unfiltered), Oro Verde (Green Gold), Il Nobile (The Noble), and Bio (Organic), represent the utmost expression of the brand’s philosophy and expertise in the oil mill. Carapelli’s approach to quality, backed by a vast age-old knowledge, is a combination of old-fashioned dedication and wisdom and contemporary dynamism.

The Non Filtrato, Il Nobile, Oro Verde and Bio are currently available throughout the country with a brand new packaging. Matching tradition with innovation, the new look puts expertise and transparency in the foreground, with an eager attention to design.

A strong visual impact and a contemporary functional design are the main features of the new premium packs. The bottle design is sophisticated and majestic (the bottom has a glass layer of about 1 cm and the walls are about 2 mm). Unique details that combine the simplicity of timeless elegance with a modern vibe. The new premium features also include a solid bottle neck and an original shape that allow for a good grip, together with an innovative dispenser for precision pouring.

The Non Filtrato comes in a smooth, transparent bottle (weighing about 450 gr), perfect to appreciate the natural cloudiness, the fluctuating pulp particles, and the intense green-yellow colour. The label, with its simple layout and neutral hues, evokes the purity of oil and its direct bond with nature. The back label clearly outlines the characteristics of the oil, while carrying further useful information for the consumer.
The Non Filtrato is obtained after an accurate selection of cold pressed extra virgin olive oils.
Although officially launched in 2016, its origin actually dates back to the 80’s. In fact, in 1985, Carapelli was the the first company to launch unfiltered extra virgin oil into the marketplace. The first unfiltered was called Le Macine (The Millstones) and it can be considered the bona fide ancestor of today’s Non Filtrato.

Il Nobile is contained in a solid dark glass bottle (the empty bottle weighs about 600 gr) which – like the Oro Verde and Bio ones – is embossed with oblique lines that grant prestige and importance to its outline. The front is characterised by a copper-coloured label, and a dark, classic font. The elegant ensemble is embellished with a delicate olive motif.

Il Nobile is a superior extra virgin olive oil whose origin dates back to 2000. Its blend educes a variety of different and subtle aromas. An olive nectar with a great personality and a soft and slightly fruity taste, Il Nobile is perfect to enhance the flavour of any dish, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.
Oro Verde, undisputed star of the premium selection, is a cold pressed, 100% Italian extra virgin oil, obtained from an accurate selection of extra virgin oils extracted from olives that have been cultivated and milled solely in Italy.
Its new packaging is characterised by a vivacious green label that accentuates its brilliance and vibrancy. A white boot, outlined on the label, highlights the Italian origin of the blend and an external tag shows the new Certification which ensures the traceability of the production chain. This Certification is a new add value for Oro Verde and identifies the pressing site, the amount and types of olives, the kind of grinding and the storage, assembly, blending, filtration and bottling process. 
Born in 1998, Oro Verde was the first 100% certified Italian extra virgin olive oil (the law about origin-marking requirements was not into force at this time). The traceability ensures the safety and quality of the final product and ensures complete transparency too. This process is certified by Accredia, authorized by the Ministry. Oro Verde may be used raw, with Mediterranean foods and wild flavours.

The Bio extra virgin olive oil packaging shows a natural label, with linear and sober layout. It highlights the European Union’s “bio” symbol, certified by Ecogruppo Italia (a control organism authorized by Mipaaf). Launched in 2013, Bio comes exclusively from organic farming, it is cold pressed and produced in full respect for the environment. Organic extra virgin olive oil by Carapelli actually dates to 2002 (originally called “Hoc”), a proof of foresight: more than fifteen years ago Carapelli understood and potentiated the “bio” character, a central focus in food development.
Bio is suitable for those who love tasty, healthy and natural food and harmonious and balanced tastes. 

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