When oil meets food

The pairing rules, a sensorial voyage exploring different ingredients. The new issue of OOF International Magazine, spring 2018. Only for you, here is a preview of the table of contents including all articles

Olio Officina

When oil meets food

Quarterly magazine, spring 2018, year 2, issue 4

Index 04

Artists for oil. Liquid Gold, by Pia Taccone

Portraits in oil. Stars at Olio Officina Festival 2018, by Gianfranco Maggio

Editorial. What happens when oil meets food?, by Luigi Caricato

An homage to Gualtiero Marchesi, the noble father of Itaian cuisine. When it is called oil

In the living heart of words. Looking up the word abbinamento, by Daniela Marcheschi

Studio Pace 10. Daily beauty

Notes on the concept of pairing, by Lorenzo Cerretani and Rosalia Cavalieri

Pairing by concordance, by Lorenzo Cerretani

In praise of bitter, piquant oil

EVO is a gourmet fat, by Mauro Meloni

The pairing rules, by Luigi Caricato

Pairing you off with a flavoured oil, by Maria Carla Squeo

Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you which oil to choose. Food pairing with high quality seed oils, by Marina Solinas

Using olive oil in cooking, by Lorenzo Cerretani

Frying with Olive Oil, by Luigi Caricato

Extra virgin oil? Drizzled over freshly-baked pizza, by Gino Sorbillo

The recipe. Mozzarella with drops of golden oil on a Piccadilly tomato purée and broccoli florets with almonds, by Giuseppe Capano

The right oil for mayonnaise, by Lorenzo Cerretani

When olive oil is in a jar, by Agostino Sommariva

Oil cannot stay single for life, by Laura Turri

The use of oil in cakes and pastries, by Giuseppe Capano

Interview with chef Enrico Derflingher. My olive oil menu, by Luigi Caricato

Interview with chef Viviana Varese. The importance of using the right fats in the kitchen, by Giuseppe Capano

Producers’ business cards

Books to feed the mind

Rankings. The top ten articles (in our opinion) published on research into food/wine and food/oil pairing. The selection top ten articles (in our opinion) published on research into the use of various formulations of olive oil, by Lorenzo Cerretani

In praise of sweet delicate oil

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