Academic research and the IOC: two worlds with one single objective

Olio Officina

The world of science and academic research is paying increasing attention to the role of the International Olive Council as one of the main talking partners on subjects of interest in the sector. In this regard, a delegation of experts led by Dr Juan Gomez Ortega, Dean of the University of Jaen, was received at the headquarters of the IOC by the Executive Director, Abdellatif Ghedira, the Head of the Olive Growing, Olive Oil Technology and Environment Unit, Abdelkrim Adi, the Head of the Cooperation and Training Department, Catarina Bairrao Balula, and the Head of the External Relations Department, Mounir Fourati. The aim of the meeting was to discuss collaboration projects for knowledge sharing on key areas of interest in the sector. Both Dean Juan Gomez Ortega and Executive Director Abdellatif Ghedira are convinced that collaboration between these two institutions will open the way for new initiatives that will enable the olive sector to achieve higher quality standards and greater knowledge, and to create a network of shared interests for the dissemination of results.

Photo by Fichero

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