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A Blending Experience

In other words, when everyone, consumers and professionals alike, has the chance to create their own blend, enabling them to become familiar not only with the different oils available on the market but also to go home with their own extra-virgin olive oil, crafted according to their own personal taste

Maria Carla Squeo

A Blending Experience

Olio Officina Festival, the big annual event held in Milan, has always been a great opportunity to get to know the different origins and cultivars of olive oils. Blendmaster Giovanni Zucchi, deputy chairman of Oleificio Zucchi, put on what has rightly been defined as a “blending experience”.

The interest shown by visitors to the festival clearly testifies to how first-hand experience of this exercise in familiarization boosts awareness of the value of the product among those who use it both raw and in cooking, enabling them to understand its complexity and at the same time the need to interpret oils on a case-by-case basis according to the use they are going to be put to.

In the meantime, this experience has become a veritable hallmark of Oleificio Zucchi, which offers it in every setting and venue, allowing different audiences to try out the many unique and multifaceted expressions of each oil, commencing with their various cultivars and provenances. This makes it possible to capture all the possible nuances before blending the various oils to meet one’s own personal taste, resulting in a unique, tailor-made product.

The article signed by Luigi Caricato is an excerpt from the fifth issue of the quarterly paper magazine OOF International Magazine. Buy the fifth issue of the magazine or subscribe HERE.

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