The biography of olive trees

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Olio Officina

The biography of olive trees


Artists for oil: Cristina Mangini

The olive, tree of life: Nicola Petta

Portraits in oil. Stars at the Olio Officina Festival 2019, photo by Gianfranco Maggio

Editorial. More olive trees, so as to protect our identity, by Luigi Caricato

In the living heart of words. Looking up the word òlea, oleastro, olivagione, olivastro, olivo, by Daniela Marcheschi

A tree called olive, by Salvatore Camposeo

Olive tree autobiographies.

The olive tree according to Aldous Huxley, by Giuseppe Barbera

Salvador Dalí’s olive trees at Port Lligat, photo feature by Gianfranco Maggio

The Italy that believes in olive trees. Interview with Pasquale Manca,by Luigi Caricato

The high-density future of olive farming. Interview with Michele e and Salvatore Bono,by Luigi Caricato

The olive trees of Pakistan, byStefano Vallee Aleandro Ottanelli

If only we could criss-cross, by Maria Carla Squeo

The Green Life, by Remi van Oers

New custodians for the olive landscape, by Giorgio Barbaria

Phenomenology of monovarietal oils,by Luigi Caricato

New trends. Dressing monovarietal oils, by Maria Carla Squeo

In this universe of cultivars

Daughters of lesser-known olives

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