Mario Solinas Quality Awards in New York

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Mario Solinas Quality Awards in New York

The International Olive Council, the world’s only intergovernmental organization to bring together olive oil and table olive producing and consuming stakeholders, presented the 2019 International Mario Solinas Quality Awards at “The New Olive Oil Kitchen,” an event co-hosted with The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) .

“The International Mario Solinas Quality Awards recognize the best extra-virgin olive oil from around the world,” said Jaime Lillo, IOC deputy director. “Olive oil offers a wide variety of styles and flavor profiles and is a staple of healthy diets across the globe. We’re delighted to take this opportunity to showcase some of the highest-quality oils available today and to further encourage Americans to explore the wide world of olive oil.”

This year’s competition featured 164 oils submitted by individual producers, producers’ associations or packers from 13 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. A nine-member international tasting panel selected the oils displaying the best organoleptic characteristics in four categories. The winners of the four categories are as follows:

Intense green fruitiness: Jose Manuel Muela Rodriquez – Almazara De Muela, S.L. – Priego di Córdoba, Spain

Medium green fruitiness: Francisco Aldarias Cruz – SCA del Campo “El Alcazar” – Baeza, Spain

Mild green fruitiness: Vasco Martins – Elaia 2, Investimentos, S.A. – Lisbon, Portugal

Ripe fruitiness: Nino Leone – Azienda Agricola Leone Sabino – Canosa di Puglia, Italy

The complete list of winners and finalists is available HERE

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