Senegal’s Ambassador visiting the International Olive Council

The Ambassador has shown all her interest towards the Ioc to start a collaboration to help Senegalese consumers

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Senegal’s Ambassador visiting the International Olive Council

H.E. the Ambassador of Senegal, Mariame Sy, recently paid a visit to the Executive Secretariat of the Ioc. The Ambassador was received by Executive Director Abdellatif Ghedira (pictured) at headquarters in Madrid.

The objective of the visit was to initiate relations with the Ioc in order to meet the need to better inform the Senegalese consumer about olive oil, in particular given the growing interest in the product and rising consumption rates in the country.

After Mr Ghedira spoke about the medicinal, environmental, social and health benefits of olive oil, the Ambassador expressed her interest in acting as interpreter for other countries of the African continent to organise an information day on the advantages of olive oil. The initiative was immediately supported by Mr Ghedira, who expressed his readiness to make the facilities of the Executive Secretariat available for this project.

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