World Olive Day: celebrations at Casa Hierro, the Aove brand

To celebrate the anniversary, Casa Hierro organized an event with the participation of various professionals, friends and family. In evidence, the different uses of a good oil, both raw and as part of more elaborate recipes

Olio Officina

World Olive Day: celebrations at Casa Hierro, the Aove brand

Surrounded by olive branches from Finca Las Pachecas to Ciudad Real, where the olive grove of Casa Hierro is located, the recently opened restaurant Narru in Donostia welcomed professionals, family and friends of Casa Hierro yesterday. An event where participants were able to taste the Detox cocktail with Casa Hierro prepared by the company Lurlore (natural juices that enhances the local products) and two innovative recipes created with oil prepared with nitrogen by Chef Ice Cream Yon Gallardo who surprised the room for the spectacular preparation (fake popcorn and salmorejo biscuit with pickles). The meeting ended with the chefs of the restaurant itself, where Ander Rodríguez delighted the audience with a bluefin tuna tartare and a chocolate cake with Aove Casa Hierro in pearl format, the latest launch of the brand.

Muñoa Food has not lost the meeting, claiming to be loyal to the brand since its inception, as those of Lukas Gourmet, Aldanondo, Mimo, Chamber of Commerce, Mugaburu, Hotel Arbaso …

“A meeting that we hope to repeat year after year, to enhance the first sector and pay tribute to the oil and olive tree, a symbol of our diet,” added Arrate Insausti, director of the company.

Thanks for the news and for the photos Itziar Garcia

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