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The World’s Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils in competition

Olio Officina has launched the first edition of MIOOA, the Milan International Olive Oil Award. All the best oils from all the continents can compete. Due to the Coronavirus emergency, the deadline for delivery of oils have been extended to 29 May 2020. You can download the regulation and the relative forms to participate

Olio Officina

The World’s Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils in competition

Given the international situation, with bad news coming in on an almost hourly basis, following the devastating spread of the Coronavirus to communities right across the globe, the organizing committee of MIOOA – the Milan International Olive Oil Award – has decided to extend the deadline for sending your extra-virgin olive oil samples to Milan for the award.


New deadline: Friday, 29 May 2020

We would like to take the opportunity to express the hope that every single one of you will overcome this collective drama, and we look forward to being able to begin a new chapter as soon as possible.

The MIOOA first edition: great opportunity to participate. All the extra virgin olive oils in competition will be subjected to a completely blind tasting by a panel of expert professional tasters from the world’s oldest tasting school, ONAOO. The tasters thus identifying the various samples that will be admitted to the final and which will accordingly be assessed by a series of hand-picked juries selected on the basis of the groups they belong to, such as restaurateurs, chefs, food-service buyers, retail-chain buyers, consumers, journalists


MIOOA 2020, Regulation, Application form, Product data sheet, Producer data sheet

MIOOA 2020, Regolamento, Modulo di partecipazione, Scheda prodotto, Scheda aziendale

MIOOA 2020, Reglamento, Formulario de inscripción, Ficha del producto, Ficha de la empresa

MIOOA 2020, Reglement, Bulletin d’inscription, Fiche produit, Fice signaletique de l’entreprise

Only selected oils will qualify for a publication dedicated to them: a Guide to the world’s finest olive oils in a bilingual Italian / English edition, which will be available as a single volume in bookshops and, as an attachment, to subscribers to OOF International Magazine, published by Olio Officina.

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