Planet Olive

Looking for the best oils in the world

A competition open to all olive producers, olive oil manufacturers and oil trading companies around the world, the MIOOA, acronym for the Milan International Oilve Oil Award. New deadline, given the Coronavirus emergency: there is time until 30 June to participate in the selection. It is an initiative of Olio Officina in collaboration with the world’s oldest tasting school Onaoo and the participation of aseries of hand-picked juries selected on the basis of the groups they belong to, such as retail-chain and food-service buyers, chefs, journalists, consumers

Olio Officina

Looking for the best oils in the world

Quality is now a constant. In many bottles of extra virgin olive oil that are present on the national and international market, it is now common to find products of great quality, with well-characterized sensorial profiles. So here is the search for the best oils in the world, starting with the MIOOA initiative, the Milan International Olive Oil Award: HERE

MIOOA 2020, Regulation, Application form, Product data sheet, Producer data sheet

MIOOA 2020, Reglamento, Formulario de inscripción, Ficha del producto, Ficha de la empresa

MIOOA 2020, Reglement, Bulletin d’inscription, Fiche produit, Fice signaletique de l’entreprise

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