Oil is good for the skin

It’s good, it’s good. The good thing about olive oil is that it is rapidly and completely absorbed by the skin. Unlike other vegetable oils that only act as moisturizers, olive oil also has nourishing properties. We should therefore re-acknowledge the benefits of dousing our skin with oil. As occurred during the Olio Officina Food Festival

Luigi Caricato

Beauty oil

Oil made from olives, and extra virgin oil in particular, has a great appeal for the cosmetic industry. It is therefore present in many beauty creams and products. This is a good sign. We must pay great attention to the label however, because what really matters is the percentage at which it is present.

Luigi Caricato

Oil and seduction

Preserving beauty and slowing down the aging process. From your granny's home remedies to present-day science, the components of extra virgin olive oil have always been considered precious assets. The 2015 Olio Officina Food Festival will focus on this issue. Meanwhile, a preview.

Angela Colli

Sophia Loren turns 80

The Italian screen icon recently revealed, with her usual spontaneity and naturalness, that the secret of her health and dazzling looks is the Mediterranean diet and its key ingredient, olive oil, which she often rubs into her skin to keep her complexion glossy and moisturized.

Olio Officina

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