Olive oil: provisional data for 2014-15

International Olive Council

Olive oil: provisional data for 2014-15

Representatives from the majority of the IOC member countries attended the latest meeting of the IOC Statistics Working Group held on 28 September. The figures reported here for 2014/15 take into account the data delivered by Members but are as yet provisional since the crop year has just ended.

The resultant snapshot shows a tonnage of 2 390 500 t for world production (27 pc lower than in 2013/14), 2 902 500 t for consumption, (−5 pc), 844 500 t for imports and 844 000 t for exports.

The membership of the IOC produced 97 pc or 2 313 000 t of this world total while EU countries as a whole accounted for 1 430 500 t of world output, thus seeing their share shrink by 42 pc.

Ranked by order of EU production, Spain comes first with 837 600 t (−53 pc), then Greece with 300 000 t (+127 pc), Italy with 222 000 t (−52 pc) and Portugal with 61 000 t (−33 pc). The aggregate output of the remainder of the IOC member countries is assessed at 882 500 t. This group is led by Tunisia, which produced a record 295 000 t (+321 pc versus 2013/14), followed by Turkey with 160 000 t (+19 pc), Morocco with 120 000 t (−7 pc), Syria with 105 000 t (−42 pc) and Algeria with 69 500 t (+58 pc). The output of the rest of the IOC membership adds up to 133 000 t.

Consumption in the IOC member countries totalled 2 214 500 t, equating with a decrease of 4 pc on 2013/14, while it hovered around 688 000 t in non-member countries, likewise down on season-before levels (−6 pc).

Photo by Salvatore Scuderi

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