Table olives: estimates for 2015-16

International Olive Council

Table olives: estimates for 2015-16

World table olive production for 2015/16 is forecast at 2 775 000 t. If this tonnage is confirmed, it would be a record figure, up by 13 pc or 320 000 t on the season before. This increase is driven by the good harvests expected in IOC member countries like Spain (532 000 t), Egypt (470 000 t), Turkey (397 000 t), Algeria (234 000 t), Syria (180 000 t), Morocco (120 000 t), Argentina (120 000 t) and Iran (89 000 t). Harvests are likewise expected to be good, although smaller in volume, in the rest of the IOC membership. At EU level, forecasts put table olive production at 814 000 t, down by 2 pc on 2014/15. As already mentioned, Spain leads the way with 532 000 t, followed by Greece (210 000 t), Italy (50 000 t) and Portugal (17 500 t).

World consumption is estimated at 2 628 000 t, representing an increase of 81 500 t or 3 pc compared with 2014/15. It is interesting to note that world consumption of table olives has increased constantly over the last three crop years, recording annual growth of 3 pc.

Photo by Luigi Caricato

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