Olive oil : healthy and good for the environment

At the IOC’s upcoming extraordinary session, the Council of Members will draw up a proposal for the participation of the IOC in COP22, which will be held in Marrakech in November, by organizing a conference on the carbon sink effect of olive trees

International Olive Council

Olive oil : healthy and good for the environment

We now have evidence that when the appropriate agricultural practices are adopted, the carbon sink effect (or carbon sequestration) from olive trees in the biomass and soil is much higher than the greenhouse gas emissions for the production of one unit (one litre of virgin olive oil or extra virgin olive oil).

The fact that the consumption of olive oil and the protection of this crop are positive and green measures for the environment is precisely the message that the IOC wishes to share with society at large. It is essential to raise awareness of the environmental contribution of olive orchards as carbon sinks. The member states of the IOC contribute more than 96 pc of the global production of olive oil and table olives. The IOC is therefore in the best position to highlight the role of olive orchards as allies against climate change.

Given the natural capacity of olive trees to store atmospheric CO2 in the soil, our message could be that “olive oil is both healthy and good for the environment”.

Photo by Olio Officina

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