Increase the olive growing income of rural households, Pilot Nursery Project

International Olive Council

The IOC attended a coordination meeting for the “Pilot Nursery” Project – CFC/IOC/09 – from 8 to 10 February in Marrakech (Morocco) where, through a participative approach involving all the collaborating centres and the implementing agency, the percentage of achievement of each centre was evaluated in the light of the project’s main objectives. In addition, future activities were set out to correct any deviations or accumulated delays to achieve the following objectives:

• Give farmers greater access to native autochthonous genotypes adapted to specific environmental conditions.

• Make farmers aware that healthy, authentic and high yielding plant material contributes to the sustainable development of the olive industry in the Mediterranean region.

• Increase the yield potential of olive orchards by providing top quality plants and widening the range of choice of plant material.

• Increase the olive growing income of rural households.

This project, which involves Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, will come to an end in November 2017.

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