International Olive Council: the consumption of olive oil protects our health

International Olive Council

International Olive Council: the consumption of olive oil protects our health

Olive is a prime example of a monosaturated fat, as a fundamental component of the Mediterranean diet. It is not only a pleasantly flavoured cooking fat that enhances other foods, but there is ample evidence of its nutritional properties and health benefits and further scientific studies are currently under way to confirm its other benefits. Virgin olive oil is a natural juice that conserves the taste, fragrance, vitamins and properties of olives, being the only vegetable oil that can be consumed as it is produced, without chemical processing.

Olive oil is principally made up of oleic acid, which constitutes approximately 75% of its components. It is ala rich in vitamin A, D, K and especially in vitamin E, betacarotene and other antioxidants. Although it is a fat and therefore a calorie-rich food product (9 kilocalories per gramme), experience shows that populations that consume 60 g of olive oil a day are generally healthier and that its consumption as part of a balanced diet, substituting other less healthy fats, does not make consumers overweight.

The World Health Organization projects that diabetes will be the seventh cause of death by 2030. A healthy dite such as the Mediterranean diet, rich in olive oil, has become one of the best options to prevent and control diabetes.

Consuming olive oil improves the body’s metabolic functions and it brings glucose levels down by 12% in healthy people. As an antioxidant, olive oil helps to slow cell aging. Various studies report that olive oil reduces the risks of heart disease and various types of cancer, as well as helping to keep blood pressure low and alleviating arthritis. Among its other properties, it helps digestion, the absorption of calcium and it improves the appearance of skin.

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