The 107th session of the Council of Members in Argentina

International Olive Council

The countdown has started for the next meeting of the Council of Members of the International Olive Council (IOC). Its 107th session will be held in Buenos Aires at the invitation of the Argentine authorities. The session’s proceedings will run from Monday, 18 June, to Thursday, 21 June, and will address matters concerning the functioning of the IOC Executive Secretariat, and the work of the Organization in the areas of economy and promotion, chemistry and standardization, and technology and the environment. To make the most of this gathering of some sixty experts and stakeholders in the global olive sector, the Argentine authorities have also organized a technical seminar on the outlook of the olive sector, which will be held on Friday 22 June, and will be followed by technical visits. The proceedings of the 107th session will be conducted at the Palace of San Martin, the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Argentine capital.

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