International Olive Council, the group of experts on statistics prepares for the new crop year

International Olive Council

International Olive Council, the group of experts on statistics prepares for the new crop year

Here’s a first look at the outcome of the 9th meeting of the IOC’s group of statistics experts, which took place at the Organisation’s headquarters in Madrid. The group looked over balance sheets from previous crop years and production predictions for the coming year (2018/19).

The group took note of the data provided by the Executive Secretariat on the IOC’s proposals for harmonising customs codes, as presented to the World Customs Organization; the progress of the study on consumer behaviour; and predictions for the national balance sheets from Argentina and Morocco.

The Head of the Economic and Promotion Unit, Ender Gunduz, coordinated the work, with the help of the Head of the Economy Department of the IOC, María Isabel Gómez, who also took the opportunity to introduce her successor, Juan Luis Vicente Calvo. Work on implementing the new world documentation centre for olive oil was continued with the help of Michele Bungaro, the Head of the Observatory and IT Department.

The Observatory has a strong relationship with both the Economy Department and the group of statistics experts as it will be responsible for publishing up-to-date information on the sector. The main statistical aspects linked to production in IOC member countries were presented and participants were able to share their thoughts on changes in the sector. The group of statistics experts is an advisory body created by the IOC to support the activities of the Council of Members and the Executive Secretariat.

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