Table olive estimates 2018/19

World production for the 2018/19 crop year is estimated at 2 735 500 t, a 7% decrease compared to the previous crop year. IOC member countries account for 91% of world production and will see a decreaseof 5.7% compared to the previous crop year

International Olive Council

Table olive estimates 2018/19

Spain, the world’s biggest producer, expects to produce around 613 000 t, a 9% increase on the previous crop year. Egypt, the second producer, expects to see a decrease of 10% with 450 000 t, followed by Turkey, with 420 000 (9%). Algeria will see an increase of 8%, reaching 342 500 t; Greece’s production will fall 27% with an estimated 190 000 t; Morocco andIran could see similar production rates to the previous crop year with 130 000 t and 70 000 t respectively; Argentina will see a decrease of 38% with 66 000 t. Other member countries with lower volumes will have the same production as the previous crop year. Consumption is expected to fall by about 3% compared to the previous crop year.

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