Ghedira and Sepetçi (International Olive Council) on mission in Turkey

International Olive Council

Ghedira and Sepetçi (International Olive Council) on mission in Turkey

After an invitation from the Turkish government, Abdellatif Ghedira, the Executive Director, and Mustafa Sepetçi, the Deputy Executive Director, made an official visit to Turkey – they are photographed here with the vice-minister of trade, Fatih Metin. The goal of this diplomatic mission was to exchange ideas on the activities organised by the IOC in the fields of olive oil chemistry, technical cooperation and promotion in the olive oil and table olive sector that may be of interest to Turkey.

After several interviews, the two senior officials of the IOC met members of the Turkish delegation to the IOC as well as representatives of the general management of cooperatives. The mission was also a great opportunity to spend time with authorities from the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and the Vice-Minister of Trade, Fatih Metin (pictured).

The mission ended in Ankara with a visit to the general directorate to the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture, which is responsible for the international collection of olive trees in Izmir.

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