Iran ratifies the International Agreement on Olive Oil and Table Olives

International Olive Council

On 24 October, the Islamic Republic of Iran officially ratified the 2015 International Agreement on Olive Oil and Table Olives at the office of the United Nations Secretariat in New York. In doing so, Iran has become a full member of the International Olive Council. The new arrival comes in time for the 108th session of the Council of Members, which will be chaired by Argentina and held in Madrid between 19 and 23 November 2018.

With just under 10 000 tonnes of virgin olive oil produced per year, Iran is the eastern-most producer country in the northern hemisphere. Last year, it imported almost 3 500 tonnes and consumed some 12 000 tonnes. Iran has always had an active role in the International Olive Council. In May 2016, the country organised and held one of the two annual meetings of the Advisory Committee. Iran’s accession brings the total number of members up to 15.

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