C02: a worldwide seminar on November 22 at IOC headquarters

International Olive Council

C02: a worldwide seminar on November 22 at IOC headquarters

The International Olive Council, Intergovernmental organization that administers the International Agreement on Olive Oil and Table Olives, 2015, warmly invites you to attend this seminar on olive growing and climate change. This is the outcome of the IOC’s commitment to spreading the positive environmental impact of olive growing.

The purpose of this seminar is to raise awareness and provide a forum for multi stakeholder participants to share their vision regarding the real, positive effects of olive growing.

During this seminar, the International Olive Council (IOC) will also present the results of its work on the World Olive Carbon Balance and the application developed for estimating the carbon balance of olive oil.

A discussion will also be held on the necessary adaptation of olive growing to climate change. To conclude, there will be a round table discussion on world trends of environmental olive policies

The diversity of speakers, from academia to governmental institutions, passing through research centers and international organizations, will ensure that different perspectives will be brought to the table for a lively and dynamic debate.


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