Building a relationship between Japan and the Ioc

International Olive Council

The Chair of the parliamentary group, Mr Takeo Kawamura, presented the work the group carried out to adapt the Japanese legislation to IOC standards, before beginning the debate in which Eriko Yamatani, Hi- roshi Hiraguchi and Seigo Kitamura, as well as the Minister for Information Technology Takuya Hirai.

The Minister emphasised the importance of the health benefits of olive oil and olive products. He presenteddata on the expansion of olive growing in the Kagawa region, citing examples of how sub-products wereused, in particular olive leaves for feeding fish and olive pomace for feeding cows, for which the health be-nefits have already been proven.

After responding to the many questions from the group, Mr Ghedira reiterated his gratitude to the group for their hard work in adapting Japanese standards to IOC standards, as well as his satisfaction in strengthening relations with a view to Japan acceding to the International Agreement on Olive Oil and Table Olives.

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