The Ioc on the Oleum advisory board, a Horizon 2020 project on olive oil

International Olive Council

The IOC is on the advisory board of a Hori- zon2020 project called OLEUM, alongside a consor- tium of some 20 partner organizations. The project aims to develop advanced solutions for assuring au- thenticity and quality of olive oil at a global scale. A three-day meeting was held in Hamburg at the end of January to discuss the progress of the activities un- derway.

Once the methods proposed and the changes made to the current methods are validated, the consortium will present them to the IOC Executive Secretariat for possible discussion at the chemical expert meetings and to seek their approval. The IOC highly appreciates the objectives of this project, and wishes the teamgood luck for the final stage of their work in order topresent valid and timely results.

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